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Feedback - ­Ms.Allka Thakkar ­on Hasta Mudra.wmv

This video is a feedback by one of our readers Mr.Bhatnagar on the HELP TALK - Hasta Mudra by Ms.Allka Thakkar conducted on 9th Dec 10. For more details log in to our website Ms.Allka Thakkar explained Hasta Mudra, also known as hand yoga, in a beautiful manner. Hasta Mudra is a very simple technique but very beneficial if practiced on a regular basis and in the right way. Ms.Thakkar explained various mudras and their uses for common ailments as well as serious problems such as heart diseases, stress. Feedback by Mr.Bhatnagar - Very useful talk and would like to use it for his benefits. Comments about library services - Well equiped library and very helpful staff!&amp… More
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