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PSP News - ­Episode 1 - Part ­1 of 2 - Getting­ You Caught Up

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WARNING: Watching my show is not an alternative to reading the directions! Always read the directions or get bricked! Summary Getting people caught up with the PSP scene right now by answering the most frequently asked questions I get on my videos. Contents -How to play homebrew and games -How to downgrade -How to find an unpatched GTA LCS -Buying a PSP -What's a custom firmware -Which firmware for you -How to install themes -What are some good themes Random thoughs Wow, I suck on video. Well, not really. (Actually, I was in a commercial once a long time ago,hehe.) But seriously, making this short vid gave me a whole new appreciationg for vloggers. I sound so fake in this vi… More
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Guest on 2019-03-25 02:45:09
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