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How to add a ­catagory & forum ­in mybb

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This video shows you how to add a catagory or forum to your mybb site.. Please visit: eforums.co.cc for more tutorials and support. Text version How to add a catagory & forum on mybb Tutorial created for: eforums.co.cc Created by George (eforums Admin/Founder) Firstly, I will explain how to create a catagory in mybb 1: Go to your administrator control panel or Admin CP. 2: Select the "Forums & Posts" tab. 3: Click "Add new forum". 4: Select "Catagory" under "Create a". 5: Enter the catagory name & description if you want. 6: Keep "Parent Forum" and "display order" as they are unless you want to change them. 7: Now we nee… More
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Guest on 2018-04-10 07:41:15
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