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A chapter with no­ Ending (The words­ are on the ­right)

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  • Added: 19/04/2011
How can I keep moving forward to a whole new beginning. If I can't close this door cause the chapter has no ending. And how can I apply the lessons from the issues at hand. When I don't even understand why the sh... hit the fan. But now, I am sad. Trying to retrieve. My own self worth lost because I couldn't even achieve Being a good companion to the one who needed me to be Questioning his motives cause of my own insecurities. Then he yelled obscurities. Said I showed immaturity But it wasn't true. I just needed some surety. That he wasn't using me. But he couldn't make me believe. His attempts failed as he said things I feel were only said to mislead- Me. D… More
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