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{ı ­dεsρεrατειy ­ηεεd yσυ} ­700+

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  • Added: 18/04/2011
[[[[[[[ IF you read this i will be so freaking happy and everybody that DOES read this and enters the code that will be hidden throughout the message, then your username will go into a promo :) ]]]]]]] **i think im the first one to use this! :)** i know.. owl city... how low can i get after the huge ragee :P nvmm xoxoponyhuntersxoxo used it first ;) I have a bond stronger than anything I could ever hope for with obi. We've created something more important to me than owning that fancy horse everybody would hope to have at least once in their lifetime. He looks down at me with those big, brown eyes; glaring right into mime. I walk into the barn with a grin on my face, knowing that he&#039… More
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