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Pivot Test ­Animation (sound ­fx and music)

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  • Channel: youtube
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  • Added: 17/04/2011
note, htis is just a test...not a huge omgwtfkulpieyumwtfgtfawayfrommahpiebish so, dont expect much, but it's still a nice animation :D Go tagz: random pivot madness pivot pivotmasterdx pivotrj hacked omg peanut butter jelly time lol funny banana dance XD lmao elite uber awsome aniamtion pivot kool cool jon bert aniamtion omg the chase pivotrj funny xiao xiao droidz darkdemon Stick man stickman stick figure stickfigure fight fighting fights xiaoxiao3 xiao xiao 3 xiaoxiao cool lol awesome best better random new music sound effects effect sfx special beam blast men stickmen sticks stickfight animate animation animating animations anime sword battle war attack punch kick DarkDemon dark de… More
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