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FFXII - NLBLLG ­Part I: Firemane

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  • Added: 17/04/2011
Music used: Arcturus - "Kinetic" (from their album "The Sham Mirrors"). To make this battle easier get the following before going to the Palace: 1) Make sure you have at least 5 Antidotes, 5 Phoenix Downs and 30 Potions. I had 99 of everything except Antidotes. 2) Buy a Silver Bow for Fran in Nalbina. Maker her the best damage dealer in the party. 3) Get as many Water Motes in the Westersand as you like. The quickest way to beat Firemane is to set your gambits to spam Water Motes, but I am not very keen on farming, so I just tossed a few with Vaan (you will want to save them for future bosses). 4) 2 Hastega Motes is suggested, I used one in this battle. 5) Buy Balth… More
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