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Motivational Video ­Lemonade Diet Part­ Two

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  • Added: 17/04/2011
Always consult a doctor before doing a diet. This is a comedy on dieting but I'm also dieting and having fun with it. My goal is to be a size 6 but for now size 8 by Easter. Highest weight 167. My Lowest weight 115. I will add on later to this post on reasons why I gained weight. Okay here goes: Cakes, cookies even gops of creme in coffee all good all sweet all satisfying. Perhaps it's the sweetness. Perhaps Having a real evil deceiptful appearing to be sweet person in my life caused this. There are things that bother a person and it carries on even after the events. Every once in awhile there is something to remind you of it and to appease that deceipt you go for somethi… More
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