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1'5 Mar.1 Alan ­Watt Cutting ­Through The Matrix­ 2010

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  • Added: 17/04/2011
Culture Circus is a Clown and We're All Going Down: "The Last Remnants in Dehumanization, Against Unborn or Aged, No Humiliation By Programmed Populace, Ego-Syntonic, Hedonistic Narcissists, It's So Ironic, Berty Russell, et al, said They'd 'Make it Be,' Easy to Control When There's No Humanity, In Dysfunctional, Disconnected 'Me' Society, 'Me' No Squeal When They Come for Others, 'Me' No Care What They Do to Brothers, 'Me' No Hear, 'Me' No Speak, 'Me' No See, 'Me' Squeal Like Pig When They Come for Me, Elite are Disgusted at Our Behaviour, We'd Avert Our Gaze if They Crucified a Sav… More
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