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Grandia PSX Gaia ­Core (part 1)

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  • Added: 17/04/2011
#29 Here we are at the end of the game. Since there's no save point, I whip out a few of the many (many, many...) high-end recovery items I have for a full restoration. Then into battle I go. Instead of the usual shrooms, Justin and Rapp go completely emo with black nail polish for +3 Angst. My main priority is keeping Multiply from happening. A dozen tentacles would be an absolute nightmare without Heaven and Earth cut to clear the field. Later, you see the Mega Gaias repeatedly try Spin Strike while only one tentacle is out. Strange. All targets in this fight are fast enough to make keeping up with them a small problem. If I didn't stay on top of things, they'd be u… More
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