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How to make a ­field goal post ­headboard for your­ room

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  • Added: 17/04/2011
It is not as hard as it sounds! What you need: 2 people a with little common sense Small paintbrush, Cordless drill with #2 bit, hacksaw, tape measure, stud finder(optional but helps) pencil, small can of pvc glue (this is optional because some people hate the mess) and yellow spray paint (I used red for georgia bulldogs)and a small level. You need 20 foot of 2" PVC pipe , 2 2" 90's(or elbows) , 1 2" tee , 2 2" pvc caps. 6 3-1/2 #2 wood screws to fasten it to the wall. Cut 2 5 foot lengths of pie. This will be the upriser poles. Cut 2 2 foot pieces. These will be the horizital pieces in the middle. The bottom piece is cut to length to hide behind the bed. Look at… More
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