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Skateboarders ­failure to success­ HD Sony HDR CX ­550 Part 2

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  • Added: 16/04/2011
***See it in HD 720 setting *** A Skateboarder punk trying to perform a stunt on a statue ( correction* Baboon Art Piece) at the Daley Center, Chicago. First Video taken with CX 550, without any rendering. Direct Upload after transfer to iMovie. Lagged play on system but smooth play on TV and Camcorder :( . Actually Second Upload Attempt, First attempt failed after uploading the .mov file directly :( . Realized after Upload, to upload to 1080, first export in iMovie to quicktime(1080 setting or original video) MP4, audio AAC and then upload mp4 to youtube direct . iMovie unfortunately doesn't upload 1080 to youtube. ***Commenters and pros give me some tips !!! Am a real amateur with a H… More
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