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Forever Yours -A ­Jonas Love Chapter­ 2 part 1

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  • Added: 16/04/2011
By the way Courtney is wearing a silver top with black pants, and Koty is wearing a dark blue loose top (you know those loose soft ones lol) and Black skinny jeans. Along with eyeliner and all that other stuff.. Nick Kevin and Joe were great, as usual. Finally the lights came on and they stepped off stage. {Koty]-"Awe Man!" I screamed. [Courtney]-"What?" She asked puzzled. [Koty]-"They didn't sing Hello Beautiful, or A little bit longer." I pouted. [Courtney]-"Let's go see them." She smiled. [Koty]-"I think they need to get ready first. It has to be hot up there." [Courtney]-"Oh come on." {Koty]-"Fine." … More
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