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This was the battle of the drunks. We didn't let drunk people fight but these two slipped through the cracks. Enjoy. Martial arts, bruce lee, jackie chan, chuck norris, kung fu, karate, muay thai, wrestling, WWE, MMA, UFC, WEC, king of the cage, zen, yoga, asian, kill, fight, fight club, street fight, brutal, violent, vicious, manny brown, NASKA, WTF, tae kwon do, wu tang clan, hip hop, rza, kill bill, prison warz, red trousers, mortal kombat, ninja raiden, ninja, punch, kick, sci-fi, genetic engineering, gene splicing, panthers, wild animals, wild cats, super soldiers, kids, sexy, hot girls, girl fight, girl wrestling, boxing, judo, parkour, street gymnastics, gymnastics, arial, tw… More
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