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Lion King: ­Scar-Zira-To Die ­For -Song- Chaotic­ Me

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  • Added: 16/04/2011
IMPORTANT: would you please rate and comment my video??? please!...=D.. I´m Begging you! =)...DON'T EARN ANY THING BY DOING THIS VIDEO, IT'S PURELY FUNMADE! NO COPYRIGHT INFRIGNMENT INTENDED! (excuse my english, please! XD ñ_ñ ) first: for this video I used a Fandub from the user : nicholasjhalpern who made the Scar´s voice at the begining of this video, I used Because I love his voice, sounds, exactly Like Scar... Second: This is a video of Scar with music of one Gothic rock group named exactly as the last words who said Scar before the stampede.. and is the same name of one of the most powerful melodies of the director Hans Zimmer .. To Die For ... … More
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