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Tuto Farming UW ­Solo E/W (Eng)

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  • Added: 15/04/2011
Here is all you must know for farm the UW safely with your E/W (if you need more information, here is a link to the long version : ) -Silver Armor -Teinai's Crystals -bonetti's defence -Aura of Restoration -Magnetic Aura -Glyph of Renewal* -Armor of Earth -Kinetic Armor 16-Earth 12-Energy Storage 6-Tactic The songs are from the following "OST(s)": 1 -"Saint Seya" OST 6 2 -"Hokuto No Ken" Vinyle OST 3 -"Tenjo Tenge" GreatDisc 4 -"Saint Seya" OST 4
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