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I'm just very ­bored AGAIN =/

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  • Added: 15/04/2011
Well here it is yay tah dah so I made another one HAVE A PARTY!!! anyways I hope you like it and I may continue making these so yeah that's about it I guess enjoy q=D songs used in order: Lamma Song Achmed Song-Jeff Dunham(hilarious) If I Had A Million Dollars-Barenaked Ladies Bad Day-Daniel Powter Circle Circle Dot Dot-Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone Ebay Song-Weird Al Elmo Song-The Elmo Doll Stacy's Mom-Fountains Of Wayne Eye Of The Tiger-Survivors I'm Typing Lol-Verytasteful(youtube) Lonely Day-System Of A Down Pervert Song-Davedays(youtube) Smells Like Nirvana-Weird Al The Ultimate Showdown-Lemon Demon White And Nerdy-Weird Al(again) What's My Age Again-Blink182(best ba… More
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