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Nonsense Sex EP.1 ­// Justin Bieber ­RATED R/PG-13 ONE ­SHOT //

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  • Added: 22/02/2012
BEWARE. PG-13 RATED!! I made this story a few months ago and I wanted to upload it... The ending doesn't make sense, and it's short.. so yeah;D //Selena's View// " Can I please register for college? " I said nervously as the waft of air blew against my moist skin. " Yes, You can actually start today, We have a dorm for you. " The front desk worker said. She handed me a card. I walked along the dorms and entered my room. It was dusty.. A huge bed , a kitchen , A huge closet & a bathroom... Not much , but I can live with it.. I hurried & fixed everything , I even painted the walls. ~ The Next Day ~ My first day of school.. I was nervous as I could ever be. I walked … More
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