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ebaY Motors HACKED­ 8 Sellers ­Hijacked at Once ­by 1 Hacker

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  • Added: 15/04/2011
Please read this text accompaniment First off, this is a very tiny sample of the hacking on ebaY motors. For more, detailed records, visit ebaymotorssucks , or google this exact phrase: "Wholly Scammers Batman" to see a recent Gigantic episode from Sunday, 05/20/2007 EbaY is truly under a massive, worldwide hack attack. Look at the MedVed charts. They have not moved in 2 days as of now. Is ebay hiding something? Are the ebay stockholders aware of ALL the FRAUD happening? We see here 8 sellers from all over the world get hijacked. Meet the Sellers/Victims: orech (448) onetitleistman (95) mikebeal (537) oldspit (66) ola-grisu (143) nkeys1234 (54) missy_b_bargains (143) merlin121m… More
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