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2 Step DJ Unk

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  • Added: 15/04/2011
Chorus:] 4..3...2...2.. A 2 Step A 2 Step Now Gone An 2 Step [X4] Now We Jiggy Wit It [X4] Now Gone An 2 Step Aye Watch Me 2 Step Now Can You 2 Step Like I 2 Step Watch Me Get Jiggy Wit It [X4] Gone 2 Step [Verse 1:] I Hit The Club Fresh My Stunna Shades On 2 Steppin Getting Jiggy Wit My J's On Dont Get Yo Steps Wrong Dont Try To Bite Mine 2 Steppin Yea Im Back Unk One Mo' Time See We Goin Form A Line And We Goin Step It Right Now Step It To The Left Girl You Know You Dynomite Now Have Some Good Times I See You Got It Right Beat My Wrist Ice Colder Than A Bud Light Now Imma Take My Time Where The Gangstas At And You Can Still Post The Wall Nigga Hol… More
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