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Canadian Paras ­Toss-Out Private ­Murphy's Law ­dynmicpara

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  • Added: 15/04/2011
This remix of the Canadian Paras' video is important because of what takes place at 2:30 into the footage--a dummy is tossed out from we estimate 900 feet--without a parachute at all--and thumps--no bounce--into the soft ground. I have a real beef with American jump training which may be the same in Canada. When you go through CIVILIAN skydive training you ACTUALLY PULL THE RESERVE again and again in practice in event of a total malfunction. This is important so you get the kinestetic feel and muscle memory to do it if you have to if after the 4 second count you need to and don't waste precious seconds fumbling around for the handle or be frozen in fear that you don't even t… More
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