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Disneyland Parade ­Of Dreams MSDC ­123 & PinocSS ­CLIP 01/18/08

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  • Added: 15/04/2011
Disneyland, Main Street U.S.A., Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams Part 1, featuring Unit 1 AKA "Gateway to Dreams" featuring The Blue Fairy, The Fairy Godmother, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Peter Pan & Tinker Bell, Unit 2 AKA "Dreams of Enchantment" featuring Belle, Beast, Luminere, Cogsworth and a full course setting of silverware, dishes & napkins, and Unit 3 AKA "Dreams of Laughter" featuring Gepetto, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Cleo, Gideon & Honest John and the back half of the Pinocchio Unit Show Stop, as seen from the west side of the parade route, sitting in front of the 'Carnation Cafe', and facing the then under-refurbishment &#0… More
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