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Touhou 8 - ­Imperishable Night ­- Stage Extra, ­54.72% complete

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  • 08:03
  • Channel: youtube
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  • Added: 14/04/2011
Stage Final: Stage Final B: Stage Extra... this thing gives me nightmares -_- What difficulty is this on? There's only one difficulty: "Extra". And I'll spoil it for you: I didn't make it! I only got 54.72% of the stage complete. This is my best run out of... 10 or so. The most annoying part are the enemies and the subboss. I wouldn't mind playing this a lot more if I'd just start right at the boss :( As for the stage goes... it's hard! Most bullets are lightning fast and there's a ton of them so if you move too much, you're dead. Some enemies leave bullet… More
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