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Re1/3: Muhammad ­Aisha Islam Child ­Rape Muslim Girl ­Sex Abuse

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  • Added: 14/04/2011
This video is in cooperations with THIS TEXT IS FROM THE VIDEO WE ARE RESPONDING TO: Islam: How to Divorce Your Muslim Child Bride - The Rules, according to verses of the Quran Muhammad had thighing (rubbing between the thighs) sex with the 6 year old girl Aisha. Mohammed forced Abu Bakr. The invention of Islam to satisfy the immoral sexual desires of Muhammad to molest little girls. Aisha was married against her will, as child sexual abuse, rape, molestations. RE2: originally posted by AtheistAtLarge sick sick SICK SHIT. islamic law not only affirms the prophet molested a 6yr but CONDONES the actions in current islamic society. PLEASE send this to everyone you can, … More
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