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Simpsons Season 02­ - 19 - Lisas ­Substitute

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  • Added: 14/04/2011
"Lisa's Substitute" is the 19th episode of the second season of The Simpsons. The episode is about Lisa developing feelings for an unconventional substitute teacher, as well as a stronger relationship with Homer.++++++++++Plot When Ms. Hoover falls ill with a suspected case of Lyme disease, she is replaced by substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom. Because of his unorthodox teaching methods, Lisa quickly takes a friendly, even romantic, liking to him. He is the only teacher, and perhaps the only adult, who has ever challenged, respected, and liked her. Lisa begs Homer to take her to the Springfield Museum of Natural History, where they happen to run into Mr. Bergstrom, who later spe… More
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