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Just That Girl S3­ Ep.12 Finallee(:

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  • Added: 30/08/2011
I AM DOING THIS FROM MAH ITOUCH. THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY. TIME CONSUMING. But I love you guys;) Okays. yes. This is the end. I am going to start a new series. guys comment. Please. ^__^ OH. Before I write. To whoever said that I should just quit because they just broke up. Go suck a dick. Do you honestly think Ill listen to a blonde haired barbie who probably makes out with Justin Bieber posters when no one is watching and thinks your actually going to marry him? I don't fucking care. I still haven't lost hope for Jemi, and I am tired of saying this, but if you don't like what you're reading then don't be a dumbass and read it, then comment when you know I d… More
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