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Slik - Requiem ­1976(Can't find a ­video so here's a­ few pics)

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  • Added: 24/08/2011
LYRICS: A - - - men. A - - - men. It's over we've come to the end now Over I'm sorry to see love die. It's over let's try to stay friends now Over we just couldn't live a lie. For the promises that we would stay together (Requiem) We were living in a world of never never Nothing nothing is for ever This is a Requiem. (Requiem,Requiem). This is in memory of a million chances Baby we've had our share. This could have been one of the great romances Not just a mad affair. I still have my souvenirs of special places And I'll remember them. But our game is over and we've played our aces This is a wreck. Oh what a wreck. This is a Requiem. A - - - men.… More
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