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"BACKTOLIFE?" • ­Trailer

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  • Added: 16/08/2011
That is a new Story that i write because Abimbola ask for it! (: So, i really like this Trailer. Very much work & I know, the Scenes are not in that super quality but i didn't find better videos, hope you like it! ♥ Here is the Information; Vanessa (16) is a Young girl, she's nice, always happy. Or it's just a disguise? So that no one really knows what happens with her and her heart? Vanessa is so done with her life, everything what was there, is broken. Nobody is there to love her. Her Parents are Dead and she lives in a Creche. Nothing is so, how she wishes. But then, when everything is falling trough, suddenly then comes this Boy in her Life. The first love? More… More
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