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Portable Air ­Conditioner for ­Server Room ­Cooling - CoolCube­ 1...

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  • Added: 13/08/2011
http://www.servercool.comHow the CoolCube 10 works for server room cooling. CoolCube 10 is the industry's only modular air conditioning unit—the same 10,000 Btu/h base module can be easily adapted to fit into virtually any application. By adding the respective accessory kit, the small but powerful CoolCube 10 spot cooler can be deployed in a variety of space-saving alternatives, including rack-mounting in a standard 19-inch rack, mounting on a shelf, or hanging from a drop ceiling. Even more, multiple CoolCube modules can be stacked for capacity or redundancy, delivering up to 40,000 Btu/h with standard 120V power. The compact design of the CoolCube also provides easy mobility as a port… More
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