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League of Legends ­Season 1 ­Matchmaking Fail.

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  • Added: 17/07/2011
Since Season one Matchmaking is starting to take very much time to find a game. After 15 minutes of searching i finally found a game. We got heavily overpowered.. The level of HP, DMG, cool-downs was a little suspicious and finally... well... you will see for yourself. And by the way ... LvL 13 with 14 wins is ridiculous. At lvl 11 they erased all my WINS and LOOSES. It pissed me off because i achieved my highest win and loose ratio - 3,67 with 33 wins and 9 looses. But now i win less often because of Xin Zhao and new character rotation that involves Ezreal and Yi About my name. It doesn't mean that i'm a part of RIOT company. The name has it own meaning. Decibel Riot stands for hi… More
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